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Chapter 8 Exam - IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software (Version 4.1)

The Internet is an example of which type of network?
Which suite of protocols is used to transmit data across the Internet?
subnet mask
Which dotted decimal number is used to distinguish the network portion of an IP address from the host portion?
What is the most commonly used DSL technology?
1- The company network requires secure access to confidential information.
2- The users need a central database to store inventory and sales information.
3- The data gathered by the employees is critical and should be backed up on a regular basis
Which three factors are reasons to choose a client/server model for a network instead of peer-to-peer? (Choose three.)
1- The number of twists in the wires inside the cable
2- The number of wires inside the cable.
Which two factors are used to determine the different categories of UTP cabling? (Choose two.)
Which Windows XP command displays the route taken by packets crossing an IP network? 
328 ft (100 m)
What is the maximum range a data signal can travel through a 1000BASE-T network segment?
1- supported by IEEE 802.3 standards
2- uses a bus logical topology
Which two characteristics describe Ethernet technology? (Choose two.) 
Which device enables computers to be attached to a network without segmenting the network? 
a bad network cable
A student is helping a friend with a home computer that can no longer access the Internet. Upon investigation, the student discovers that the computer has been assigned the IP address What could cause a computer to get such an IP address?
the available wireless networks within range
A student brings a laptop to a school that has wireless access. The laptop is not connecting to the school network. What is the first thing that the student should check?
Attach a cable that has an RJ-45 connector.
Which procedure is normally performed when connecting a computer to an Ethernet network for the first time?
Workers are required to access the company LAN when traveling. Which networking technology can provide secure and encrypted access to the LAN? 
1- Fewer peripherals are needed
2- Centralized administration capabilities are enhanced.
Which two statements are true of network computing in contrast to non-network computing? (Choose two.)
It developed standards to replace proprietary standards after U.S. telephone industry deregulation.
What is true about the TIA/EIA?
1- faulty NIC
2- faulty patch cord
A technician installs a new NIC in a PC and connects an Ethernet patch cord from the NIC to a wall jack. The technician then notes that the link lights are not active on the NIC. Which two problems could be indicated by this lack of activity? (Choose two.) 
to save troubleshooting time
Why should network cables always be labeled? 
Purchase equipment only through manufacturer-authorized partners.
Which method is recommended in order to avoid problems with counterfeit network equipment? 
Which networking protocol translates a network name such as www.cisco.com to a unique IP address?

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